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This project has reached its funding target
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Sun Point

  • Saglo Development Corporation
  • Icn offering location Ruskin, FL

Promising shopping center located in a thriving, underserved Florida community.

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  • Icn funding type
  • Icn funding meta
  • Posting
  • Equity
  • Total Raise: $3,020,000
  • Min. Investment: $25,000
  • Expected Hold Period: 5
  • Property Type: Retail
  • Est. Investor IRR: 19.4%
  • Est. Cash-on-Cash: 11%
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Property was purchased for $7,250,000 and appraised at $8,300,000 (14% above purchase price)
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Property was financed at Loan To Value (LTV) ratio below 57% and attractive fixed interest rate of 4.25% for initial five years of loan
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Property is within a few hundred feet of 1.1 million SF Amazon fulfillment center (scheduled to open Q4 2014) and adjacent to the 2.7 million SF South Shore Corporate Park (under construction)