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This project has reached its funding target
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Park East

  • Insula Companies
  • Icn offering location Tampa, FL

Equity Investment Opportunity for the purchase of a 192-unit Class B+ rental community located in Tampa, FL.

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  • Icn funding type
  • Icn funding meta
  • Posting
  • Equity
  • Total Raise: $3,640,000
  • Min. Investment: $25,000
  • Property Type: Multi Family
  • Est. Investor IRR: 16.9%
  • Est. Cash-on-Cash: 9%
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Insula Companies have acquired & revitalized over 2,500 units representing over $150MM
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+/- Est. Avg. 16.90% Investor IRR
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9% per annum preferred return will be paid to investors on a monthly basis