LinguaSys, Inc.

Enterprise software enables computers to understand human text better, generating ROI for major customers in huge markets from Big Data to automotive.

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  • Boca Raton, FL
  • 12 employees

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Who We Are

LinguaSys helps computers understand human text and allows people to communicate with technology in human language -- in English text, or whatever they speak. This is increasingly important as companies analyze Big Data, including multilingual social media, and the “Internet of Things” creates more and more communication between people and technology, from cars and appliances to self-service interactive applications.

The Company was founded in 2010 by executives with deep technology expertise and decades of experience in this $4 billion+ sector. Since then, LinguaSys has completed development of its unique, patent-pending core IP; become an IBM Business Partner; recruited key executives and captured a number of Blue-Chip customers.

This progress has been noticed by Frost & Sullivan, the well-known technology research company. It recently honored LinguaSys with its Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award in the Internet Software and Services Industry, based on evaluation of LinguaSys against others in the sector.

“In today’s globalized environment, firms operate across the globe; they (businesses) need to communicate consistently in a variety of languages and listen to and process correctly their customers’ feedback,” Frost & Sullivan noted. “LinguaSys’ unique offering, based on semantic models, is combined with the team’s extensive industry experience, serving as strong indicators of the company's overall success. Based on the aforementioned criteria as measured through Frost & Sullivan independent analysis, LinguaSys is the recipient of the 2013 Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award.”

What We Do

LinguaSys produces proprietary, patent-pending software that “understands” human text, making it possible for people to communicate with devices and for enterprises to extract information from vast amounts of text in different languages. Our software understands the concepts behind human language in unique and powerful ways.

This type of software is called Natural Language Processing (NLP), a technology sector of rapidly growing importance and size. LinguaSys' products are powered by the Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™ (CLVM), our proprietary interlingual semantic-based NLP technology. It is designed to reduce dramatically the time and expense to create new linguistic solutions, make it far easier to customize them and increase their usefulness. Most legacy NLP software is hindered by the lack of aligned languages for analyzing and understanding text from non-English sources. In contrast, LinguaSys uses a language-neutral semantic approach, accommodating new languages as soon as they are created. We concentrate on the meaning of words, not the statistical likelihood that they may be next to one another.

Our Product Offerings - Applications based on the CLVM include:

  • Text Analytics
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Foreign Content Search & “Crosslingual Retrieval”
    • Concept Mining & Named Entity Extraction
    • Morphological Analysis & Synthesis
    • Media Story Extraction
    • Sentiment Analysis
  • Natural Language User Interface (NLUI)
    • Customer self-service or device control through natural language
    • Automatic Translation
    • Custom Linguistic Engineering Services
  • Our software enables Understanding, Analyzing, and Translating of textual content across sixteen languages (and growing): English, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese and Urdu.

    LinguaSys in Action – Our NLP solutions are helping

    • One of the world’s largest banks to comply with regulations by understanding and matching the names of Chinese companies;
    • A federal contractor process information for the military;
    • A top hotel chain analyze customer data;
    • International companies translate email and chat;
    • A major mutual fund company present stock option information in five different languages, and
    • A global auto company take driver/car communication to the next level (LinguaSys just won this technology bake-off).

    Why We're Needed

    Demand for our solutions is driven by massive trends: the “Internet of Things,” Big Data, social media and global business.

    The “Internet of Things” creates increasing requirements for devices to understand and respond to human language – on and off is no longer enough. Solutions in this area are called Natural Language User Interfaces (NLUI). Similar to the way you can now “talk” to your phone, you will soon be “talking” to all sorts of devices, from cars to home appliances and beyond. For example, automobiles offer more and more options to drivers that are accessed via voice command (partner technologies turn the voice into text, which LinguaSys “understands”). Uses might include giving your car instructions or asking it questions (“What is the weather at my destination?”)

    Big Data involves the analysis of vast quantities of information to generate actionable information. From finance to national security, education to customer service, Big Data solutions are expanding at a rapid pace. LinguaSys “Text Analytics” software allows analysts to extract meaning from massive amounts of text.

    Social media is increasingly the focus of Big Data analytics. Applications from Facebook to Twitter have created explosive growth in the amount of textual data consumed daily. Companies must analyze this data to attract and retain customers, improve products and gain market intelligence.

    More and more companies are now involved in global business. Their customers speak multiple languages. For example, an American hotel chain needs to know what its customers are saying about it in Twitter – in multiple languages. LinguaSys might provide the insight that German-speaking guests love the rooms but hate the buffet.

    Even communicating inside major companies is a growing challenge. Management may be in Germany and critical operations in Brazil and the U.S. How do the employees communicate? LinguaSys provides solutions to translate email, chat and social business feeds. 

    Whom We Serve

    The need for advanced NLP technologies is universal. Companies in nearly every industry must accumulate massive amounts of data – and find ways to cull actionable intelligence from it – in order to remain competitive.

    LinguaSys counts some of the largest companies and organizations in the world, as well as U.S. government agencies, as customers. They include one of the world’s biggest banks, two global financial companies and a top international hotel chain, among other large enterprises.

    LinguaSys often provides clients with technology capabilities they are unable to secure from anyone else in the marketplace. We can provide more information on our customers to those interested, under NDA.

    Our Potential

    We address several markets, NLP being a primary one. One recent study sized this market at almost $4 billion, growing at more than 20% a year.

    LinguaSys believes it can become an increasingly important participant in this market, generating attractive financial results.

    How We Make Money

    LinguaSys deploys two pricing models.

    • The Hosted model is a monthly recurring fee, usually with an upfront customization component for language models. In the hosted model, all supported language models are included.
    • The On-Premise model involves a one-time license with annual support and maintenance renewals of 20% of the license price. In the On-Premise model, each language model is licensed separately based on customer requirements. There is also an upfront customization component in the On-Premise model.

    Our Advantages

    Our Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™ (CLVM) is the most advanced NLP technology on the market. It allows LinguaSys’ clients to:

    • Understand a user's intent and produce answers. Like Apple's Siri, except in more languages, with more flexibility, and under more challenging scenarios.
    • Extract named entities. Like ThingFinder or OpenCalais, except in more languages and with more options.
    • Translate foreign content. Like Google Translate, except more customizable and with higher fidelity.
    • Determine the sentiment of a social media post with a thorough breakdown of what contributed to the sentiment. Like no other tool available.
    • Extract actionable intelligence from customers' feedback. Like Clarabridge, except in more languages and more customizable.
    • Search content in foreign languages. Like no other tool available.

    The CLVM is at the heart of all of our products. In addition to being faster and more accurate than other NLP processes, CLVM provides:

    • Better Security – can be used via SaaS or behind the firewall
    • Greater Availability – redundant servers on premise
    • More Customization – words and phrases specific to our clients
    • Easier Integration – web services to integrate into enterprise applications
    • Smaller Footprint – lower CPU and memory requirements

    Our Progress to Date

    • We have beaten most of our major competition in real life “bake-offs” at customer sites, and have become a name in the NLP industry.
    • We have an A-list of Fortune 500 customers.
    • Our core technology is complete, allowing us to add new solutions in new languages rapidly and cost-effectively.
    • Frost & Sullivan named LinguaSys an “Exceptional Early Stage Investment” in the U.S.
    • Mark Cuban, high-tech billionaire and investor, invested in LinguaSys in 2012. 

    Why Consider an Investment

    LinguaSys is seeking up to $1.5 million to accelerate growth and improve business capture timeframes by expanding and enhancing technical product capability, sales staffing, and marketing programs.

    Key Points:

    • LinguaSys is led by a uniquely qualified management team with the perfect background for success. The three founding members bring over 30 years of combined experience in the field of human language technologies, and our team includes strong sales and marketing executives with many years of international business development experience. Our team has particular strength in the Big Data, search, speech and linguistic technology markets.
    • Our semantic-based approach differentiates us in the market and provides us with a unique competitive advantage.
    • Our development costs are relatively low, which helps us keep our prices competitive.
    • The needs we address are being driven by massive global business trends and we have a proven record of being able to solve customer challenges and provide ROI.

  • Management
    • Thumb garr headshot cropped

      Brian Garr


      Brian Garr is CEO. Brian was CTO of Globalink, a machine translation (MT) company, from 1995-98 when it was acquired. Brian then went to IBM and started the MT business segment for IBM’s Software Group while also managing the company's Speech Recognition Group. Brian has been an advocate and frequent speaker on MT and Speech Recognition across the world. In 1998 he was awarded the Smithsonian Institutes’ “Heroes in Technology” award for his work in MT. Brian was also a contributing author to the recently published "Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-Language Problems."

    • Thumb vadim1

      Vadim Berman

      VP and CTO

      Vadim Berman is CTO. Vadim created the company's Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™, a unique software platform that powers applications in natural language user interface, text analytics and machine translation. Vadim has diverse experience working with small and large enterprises in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia, both in general IT and language technologies. He has a deep understanding of the natural language processing technology ecosystem and how LinguaSys fits in. Vadim's articles on language technologies were published in "MultiLingual" magazine. He was also a contributing author to the recently published "Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-Language Problems."

    • Thumb canunal2

      Can Unal

      VP of Development and Architecture

      Can Unal has over 19 years of IT advisory experience in various technical areas and has specialized in enterprise customer deployment scenarios. He has worked for years as an IBM business partner responsible for many IBM software implementations in Europe, such as Audi in Germany. Can has more than a decade of experience in human language technologies and a deep understanding of software delivery and integration requirements for enterprises of all sizes.

    • Thumb carla

      Carla Johnston

      VP Worldwide Sales

      Carla brings over 25 years of sales and management experience to her role as Vice President Worldwide Sales. Prior to LinguaSys, Carla has held senior operational and strategy positions with several software solutions companies. At Globalink, she led the successful domestic and international growth of linguistic translation technology solution sales. She began her career in technology in the software industry. Carla holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Boston University.

  • Advisors
    • Thumb 0372ce0 1

      Mark Sauter

      Senior Advisor

      Mark brings years of experience helping emerging companies build value in the Big Data, security and federal sectors. He has served as an advisor or senior executive at more than a dozen technology companies, COO of the nation’s first business accelerator for national security tech, manager of an NSA contract, investment banker and Army officer in Special Forces and infantry units. He is also co-author of Homeland Security: a Complete Guide, the leading university textbook from McGraw-Hill. Mark earned degrees at Harvard University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

    • Thumb dubno

      Dan Dubno


      Executive director of the non-profit Hourglass Initiative, focused on crowd-sourcing technologies to track down terrorists and other malefactors, Dan also produces high-tech events for companies including Google, Lenovo, and others. Dan says he has one of the coolest jobs in the world:.Co-founder of the Gadgetoff... as well as a technology consultant ... a columnist... frequent on-camera television commentator, curator, and connector. For 17 years, Dan was at CBS News. When not engaged in covering disasters and the like, he found technology for CBS News to employ. Dan appeared on camera as "Digital Dan" once a week, showing off the latest gadgets and gizmos.

You must be an accredited investor and request access from the company to access the confidential offering material and information.

You must be an accredited investor and request access from the company to access the confidential offering material and information.

You must be an accredited investor and request access from the company to access the confidential offering material and information.

You must be an accredited investor and request access from the company to access the confidential offering material and information.

You must be an accredited investor and request access from the company to access the confidential offering material and information.

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Quick Facts
  • Enables computers to understand and analyze human language
  • Honored with the North American Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award, Internet Software and Services, by Frost & Sullivan (11/13)
  • Targets $4B market growing 20% per year
  • Mark Cuban invested $750K in prior round
  • Customers include Fortune 500 enterprises & Department of Defense
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