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This project has reached its funding target
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Downtown Vegas Redevelopment

  • Metroplex Group
  • Icn offering location Las Vegas, NV

Preferred equity investment in the development of a retail center in Downtown Las Vegas with significant upside.

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  • Icn funding type
  • Icn funding meta
  • Posting
  • Equity
  • Total Raise: $993,000
  • Min. Investment: $25,000
  • Expected Hold Period: 24 months
  • Property Type: Retail
  • Est. Investor IRR: 16.0%
  • Preferred Return: 12.0%
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The deal is secured by both the new property acquisition and an existing stabilized commercial property with a 10 year NNN lease in one of the most rapidly developing parts of Las Vegas.
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The properties are located in the area where the City and State are investing $50 million in road and street improvements and Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com has personally committed $350 million.
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The property is being acquired at $176 per SF from a motivated seller. A property located directly across the street is currently on the market for $246 per SF, a 40% premium to our acquisition.