Raising Capital on EarlyShares

Engage in an efficient, four-step funding process on our user-friendly platform.

On EarlyShares, issuers access state-of-the-art tools and resources to raise investor funding. We've reduced the complexity of private capital raising into a simple four-step funding process, outlined below. (For detailed information on our product offerings, click here.


  • Sign up and complete your EarlyShares user profile.
  • Click Raise Money and specify whether your offering is a real estate project or investment fund.
  • Supply all required information and documents, then submit.


  • EarlyShares will screen your application notify you of your status within five business days.
  • If selected, you’ll work closely with an EarlyShares rep to prepare and submit a due diligence package.
  • Finalize your offering type, service package, investment terms, and documents with assistance from EarlyShares.


  • Create or supply multimedia resources for your offering page, including videos, charts, and images.
  • Finalize or approve the content on your EarlyShares offering page.
  • Review your EarlyShares marketing plan and motivate your network to invest.


  • Launch your offering and invite your contacts.
  • Promote your investment opportunity and monitor your dashboard to accept access requests and answer investor questions.
  • E-sign documents and track your progress. Once fully funded, your transaction will close and you will manage your new investors through the EarlyShares platform.

Raising Capital is Finally Easier

  • Simplify & Amplify
     Streamline deal management and motivate your network. Reach new investors with customized marketing.
  • Control Your
    Stay in the driver's seat of your offering with our flexible deal structures and variety of product and service options.
  • Access Our
    Get direct access to the thousands of active accredited investors and institutions on the EarlyShares platform.
  • Manage Your
    Use our technology to manage investor verification, funding commitments, documents, signatures, and wire transfers.
  • Track & Measure
    Your Progress
    Monitor access requests and investor interest through our user-friendly dashboard, communication tools, and analytics.
  • Bolster Security
    & Compliance
    Safeguard your confidential information with our privacy and access controls while lessening the complexity of regulatory compliance.

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