Investor Accreditation & Verification

Find out who can invest on EarlyShares and how we facilitate the verification process.

Under current SEC guidelines, only accredited investors can access investment opportunities on EarlyShares. Generally, an accredited investor is a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 ($300,000 joint) or net worth of $1 million or more (individual or joint, excluding the value of primary residence). For the SEC’s full definition, click here.

Investor registration on EarlyShares involves a simple, two-step accreditation and verification process.

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1. Sign Up & Self-Accredit

As you sign up and complete your EarlyShares user profile, complete the accreditation and qualification questions to determine your eligibility to invest.

If so, you’ll be classified as a Self-Accredited Investor (aka an Accredited Investor - Pending Verification). You’ll be able to browse open investment opportunities and request access to the confidential investment details of any offering.

After being granted access to an offering and researching the opportunity, you can click 'Invest' to commit an investment to an offering.

2. Verify Your Investor Status

As you commit an investment, you’ll be prompted to verify your investor status. You can do this one of three simple ways:

  • Automated Income Verification
    • E-sign a form to authorize an EarlyShares partner to verify your income with the IRS
  • Third-Party Verification of Income or Net Worth
    • Download a form to be signed by your Attorney, CPA, Investment Advisor or Registered Broker-Dealer and returned to EarlyShares
  • Work with an EarlyShares Representative
    • Contact us to facilitate the verification process off-line

As soon as your investor status is verified, you’ll receive notification and instructions on how to fund your investment by check or wire transfer.