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For decades, commercial real estate finance has been an insiders game – a "country club" sector accessible only for in-the-know investors with well-connected networks. EarlyShares is changing that. 

Under regulatory exemptions enacted in 2013, we introduce thousands of investors to the kinds of real estate opportunities that have traditionally been difficult and expensive to access. We welcome you to join our investor community today.

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We use rigorous selection criteria – developed over decades of investing experience – to assess every real estate investment opportunity for viability and return potential. Only approximately 5% of applicants are accepted for offerings on our platform.

Then we work with industry-leading partners to conduct regulatory compliance and due diligence checks on issuers to verify their backgrounds, history, and financials.

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Balance and diversification are the hallmarks of a strong investment portfolio. Allocating a portion of your portfolio to real estate can help you lower your risk exposure and earn consistent returns.

The private real estate investing space has long been dominated by top-tier firms and ultra high-net worth investors. Browse our deals to get your piece of the action.

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Due to their offline nature, commercial real estate transactions are typically plagued by inefficiency, high costs, and a lack of transparency. EarlyShares moves the process online, lowering costs and lessening paperwork for all parties involved. 

We give investors seamless, transparent access to each issuer’s history, traction, and due diligence information. We also provide them with the tools and resources they need to become informed investors.

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As one of the first players in the "equity crowdfunding" space, EarlyShares is a leading force in private investing with a compliance-driven approach. Our executive team has nearly $3 billion in commercial real estate transaction experience.

Since 2011, we’ve advocated to regulators and established relationships with best-in-class partners. EarlyShares is a trusted source for curated deals, quality information, and expert support.  

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