Our Process & Platform

Connecting investor capital to qualified private ventures.

At EarlyShares, our mission is simple: to help investors capitalize on new investing regulations to diversify their portfolios and earn returns. We do that by giving investors direct access to a curated selection of qualified private real estate offerings.


Issuers seeking capital apply to host offerings on our platform. We screen them against our Selection Methodologies – developed through decades of investing experience – to assess their viability and potential.


Our third-party partner conducts a comprehensive due diligence review of each potential issuer to ensure the accuracy of information presented to prospective investors.


The 5% of applicants who pass the Select and Vet phases enter our deal pipeline. We work with them to present their offerings to investors in the most compelling, clear, and concise way possible.


We facilitate introductions between investors and issuers and give users the tools to conduct efficient, secure investment transactions in compliance with all regulatory guidelines.

EarlyShares is a robust portal for real estate investing and capital raising. We built our end-to end platform with four key tenets in mind: compliance, security, user experience, and results.

Compliance First

Our platform adheres to all applicable laws and regulations and provides users with the guardrails for regulatory compliance. EarlyShares is also backed by industry-leading partners for investor protection, due diligence, legal services, and more.

Security Focused

We take security seriously. Our platform facilitates safe transactions and all sensitive data and communications are SSL encrypted. Extensive privacy and access controls are built into the user experience, keeping you in control of who accesses your data.

User Friendly

The EarlyShares platform was designed to be as attractive, seamless, and easy-to-use as possible. Our intuitive interface guides users through the investing and capital raising processes with unprecedented transparency and efficiency.

Results Oriented

Our dashboard capabilities enable users to easily monitor, measure, and track the metrics associated with their activities on EarlyShares. Log in to utilize our communication tools or receive important performance updates, funding notifications, and more.

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