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Direct Access & Diverse Opportunities

Diversify your portfolio by investing directly in vetted private investment opportunities across multiple industries. EarlyShares is your trusted source for quality deal flow and offers all the tools and resources you need to make investment decisions.

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Streamlined Fundraising & Deal Management

Leverage your network, reach new accredited investors, and engage in a seamless, efficient capital raise on EarlyShares. We provide you with the tools, resources, and guidance to enhance your visibility and manage your offering from start to finish.

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  • Cisco
  • Westcore
  • Crowdfund Capital Advisors
  • National
  • EGS
  • Veri-tax
  • Stock Transfer
  • Crowdcheck
Supported by Experts

EarlyShares' dynamic partnerships create value for both investors and issuers. Our network of experienced affiliates sources quality deals to the EarlyShares platform, and our industry-leading compliance partners provide issuers with top-line services, strategy, and support.

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The EarlyShareholder Blog

  • The EarlyFive: Making investing less ‘invisible’

    The EarlyFive: Making investing less ‘invisible’

    July 21, 2014 Joanna Schwartz

    My favorite selection from this week’s EarlyFive, our weekly collection of insightful content from around the web, was a reminder to entrepreneurs on the behind-the-scenes efforts (the “Invisible Game”) required to successfully raise capital. Investors have to play an “Invisible … Continue reading

  • EarlyShares CSO interviewed for MarketWatch News Break

    EarlyShares CSO interviewed for MarketWatch News Break

    July 17, 2014 Madelyn Young

    The emerging industry EarlyShares operates in is known by a lot of names. We prefer to call it General Solicitation or online private investing, but the prevailing moniker, “equity crowdfunding,” isn’t going anywhere. With that term comes the inevitable question: … Continue reading